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The frame mosquito net is suitable for installation in all PVC, wood and aluminium window joinery systems. Simple and secure way of fixing the frame around its circumference by means of rotating handles, without disturbing the structure of the window frame makes the mosquito net mounted in the window increases its functionality and protects our rooms from insects effectively. Mosquito netting does not limit visibility in the window and is an integral part of the window.

Installation and removal of the mosquito net does not require any tools. All components made of the frame are weatherproof, which guarantees durability of the mosquito for many years of use.

The profiles we use for making mosquito nets are made of lightweight and durable aluminium, which guarantees a perfect appearance for many years to come.

Rolled mosquito nets with guides and cassettes is perfect protection against onerous insects.

It is mounted to the outside of the window or directly to the window frame.

The antiseptic mesh is rolled into the cassette by means of a spring mechanism (optionally aided by a chain).

Mosquito net works perfectly vertically and horizontally, so it can be installed in windows as well as balcony doors, terraces, etc.

The cassette and guides are made of aluminium painted white or brown; On request, they can be made in any RAL colour (powder coating).


Window Mosquito nets are available in several basic colour frames:

- white
- dark brown (marsh oak)
- chocolate brown
- anthracite

- raw silver aluminium

- Winchester in the wood grain structure

- mahogany with structure

- walnut with structure

- golden oak with structure

RAL 9016
RAL 8022
RAL 8017
RA L7016
RAL 9006
RAL 8015
RAL 8028
RAL 8003

The profile- mounted net can be made of:

- PVC-coated glass fibre with mesh size of 1,2 mm x 1,2 mm in colour: black or grey

- aluminium mesh,

- stainless steel mesh,

- anti-allergy mesh (for special order).